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Welcome to Glenmark Genetics

Tucked a mile and half down a gravel road marked 160th Street, is our home of Glenmark Genetics, Inc. and Bonnie Mohr Studio.  We are John and Bonnie Mohr…Welcome to our world!  It is here, 6 miles north of Glencoe, (50 miles west of Minneapolis) we own and operate a registered Holstein herd of cows and breeding bulls, and also operate Bonnie Mohr Studio.  We purchased this farm in 1988, during the farm crisis fallout of the 80’s, with nothing more than a shovel, small savings, and the car we drove.  Looking back, it has been an amazing journey, of which we are quite proud, to say the least.  In the last 20 years, we have refurbished most every building on the farm, reared 5 beautiful children and grown two businesses to a fairly thriving state.  Our children now range from 24 to 13 years of age…the oldest three girls and the youngest, two boys.
Our Philosophy


We love to be 'hands on' and work with good cows day-in and day-out. By continuing our dedicated work with registered Holsteins on our Glencoe farm and focusing on the areas of young stock management, milk production, embryo and semen marketing and quality breeding stock, we hope to market and sell good seed and breeding stock in the dairy industry. 


Our Lifestyle

We are blessed with rich country living in McLeod County, where the Crow River runs through our pasture land adding extra beauty and wildlife! Our children are fortunate to experience the same life-lessons and the joys of the simple pleasures that growing up on a farm offers, and they are involved in all phases of our operations. 


They have had the opportunity to be involved in 4-H, Jr. Holstein Association, school sports, and Church, and every element of hunting and fishing you can imagine.  We feel lucky to be raising our family is the safe harbors of rural Minnesota, where life still reflects tradition and heritage of earlier generations!   


Life’s richest reward of owning and operating a dairy farm is to raise our family here, where we can teach our children about the responsibility and benefits that come from hard work and a passion to love your life.

Our Program

Our dairy herd consists of 70 registered and grade Holstein, and a few Jerseys.  Our rolling herd average is 25,300 M, 975 F, and 800 P, on 2x/day milking. We crop and pasture our herd on 300 acres of land, which supplies the feed to sustain our herd. We actively market breeding bulls, embryos, bred heifers and milk cows.


Our Family

John, Bonnie, Kate, Taylor, Amanda, Jake and Zach.


Contact Us

With questions or for more information!

P: (320) 864-6555
C: (952)297-2811

Glenmark Genetics
John & Bonnie Mohr

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